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Make sure to get all the way to the end. Skip forward if you want to see if it’s worth getting there. Xo, Jez

This theory is based on the assumption that William is a host. Therefore, in the scenes with James and William, they are both unreliable narrators. It also fits with my goldfish theory. That James is in a small fishbowl within a much bigger fishbowl and that MIB has been through 941 loops. Big assumption: Logan is the only son of James Delos. It’s just the two of them and dad is dying.

* James never mentions the name of his wife.
* There is a strange pause before he recognizes Juliet’s name in the conversation where they say his wife died. I think Juliet was the name of James Delos’s deceased wife. * Something about the way he says, You’re fucking my daughter! . It was said in a way that it would better apply to wife * James calls out for Logan when he’s distressed. No one else.

James meets Ford and makes a deal with the devil. James gets immortality and Ford gets a subject to use in his creation experiment. James was the human that Ford saw potential in.

* Clip of celebration – Ford saying then I found one who could, James tells Logan about a long-lost daughter. A sister that Logan didn’t know about. He thought he was an only child. He arranges for them to come to town the same time as when Angela and Akecheta come to the hotel.

* Jetlag clip – William saying he’s jetlagged and has had meetings all day * Angela glance at William as he walks out of the bar
I think he’s only just found out he has a sister and has met her and William for the first time just before the demonstration. The demonstration we saw was only part of it. The next part is for Logan to find out that William and Juliet are hosts and there isn’t a real sister, after all. Then Dad reveals his immortality plans and tells Logan that he wants to transfer himself to a younger man’s body so that he can continue to run his company. Mostly because he doesn’t trust Logan, the screw-up. Logan reluctantly agrees and gets rewarded with the opportunity to choose which host body. The deal is that he has to uphold the charade that this is William for a while until William is ingrained into the company. Logan chooses William because he’s not a threat to anyone .

* First Orgy scene – Logan says I chose you precisely because you aren’t a threat to anyone A little FU to dad by putting him in a wimp. Perhaps, for a moment, Logan thought he could have control of the company. So, James gets transferred to William and he and Logan go on a bonding trip. The whole trip is a ruse to get William to show a spark of James.

* Train scene – Logan says To see who you really are
* Post-Orgy scene (Logan smiles when William takes charge) William starts going off the rails when Dolores shows up. That wasn’t pat of the plan. Actually, the plan was for William to look for the maze that first time. Remember the prospector? At the restaurant on that very first night he said he knew of a treasure beyond the valley and he had a map. He was clearly trying to lead him to the Cradle

* Prospector scene
But Logan stabs the prospector and derailed that plan. William meets Dolores the next morning. It almost felt as if Ford sent her to him because William wasn’t getting engaged in the park and wouldn’t be able to find the maze. Dolores is the Judas steer. That’s why he pulls out fake Juliet’s picture to try to bring him back on course (It always had bothered me why a playboy like Logan would carry a picture of his sister on a sex holiday). He shows him that Dolores is just a machine, and then when William loses it. When James’ true nature finally shows itself in William, it comes out more brutally than Logan was prepared for.

* William knife massacre scene
Finally, in the scene with William and Logan and the feather, William wants to take charge of the company suddenly. [cid:image001.png@01D3EDF4.EDEFDF80]
William doesn’t really know where this new-found courage came from. But actually, he can’t help it, It’s in his nature

* Dolores/MIB clips It’s in their nature
Now, the whole thing is taking longer than expected. William is running the company with James’ consciousness. There is a host version of James, but just a scripted host. The expectation was to find the maze the first trip. Unfortunately, now James’ character has taken hold and MIB is no longer sympathetic to the hosts as he was that first time. It is getting subsequently more difficult to get him to the maze. Each subsequent try, he has gotten a bit more James’y.

* Clip of MIB/D at the graveyard (where he tells her that he used to come back looking for her, but grew tired of her and went in pursuit of more violent adventures) That’s why we see Logan going off the rails. He can’t handle his new reality. A fake host dad, a host sister and niece, and a real dad that is apparently trapped away in William’s body. William doesn’t recognize Logan as his son, yet William has the same brutal nature that his father did, without any fatherly affection. And he has full control of the family business. When it was taking too many iterations to get him through the maze, Ford introduced the Juliet death to push him along. He made him want to abandon the project and the maze was revealed to him. But he still didn’t find it. This time, the memory of him showing Dolores the Cradle is implanted. It’s like cheating and giving MIB a map. No need for a prospector. Then, when he needed a bigger push to save Lawrence and his family in this last episode, Ford modified the memory to make it a more brutal suicide. Now he has brought in his cornerstone memory, Emily*. Also a host. Ford is pushing him to reach the maze this time.
The key is that he needs to face his demons. He needs to take responsibility for his actions rather than blaming fate (coding, in this case). He has gone all the way from William to James. Now he has to face himself and go backwards. He has to find William again. It begins where you end and ends where you began.
The game begins when he finds the room. Then the journey is back out from the centre of the maze. Back to William.

*Emily is LOGAN!!!
Logan’s consciousness was transferred to Emily when he died. When She says Hi Dad it’s Logan saying hi to James, his dad. Logan was always a bit non-binary when it came to sexuality. Ford has brought back James’s cornerstone disguised as MIB’s cornerstone.

There’s more. Bernard, Maeve, Teddy, Dolores, and Lawrence all have roles to play in helping MIB with the maze. But that’s a totally different email.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Thorough, as always, but I always go back to the key question: What makes us think consciousness can be transferred? We’ve seen hosts programmed with new narratives and backstories. And we’ve seen one human replicated in a hybrid scenario. Isn’t it a massive leap to start assigning crossover identities?

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