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Hi folks —

Not sure if this would fit directly into any specific point w/ this episode, but I think a key question that will explain a lot is this: who created Wyatt?

At first it seems that it was Arnold, as part of a protocol to kill all the original hosts before the park’s initial opening. The way that Dolores flips between her personality and the Wyatt persona, post-revolution, appears that this could be either a bit of rogue programming run amok, or it could be part of a “long game” for Arnold to create a hosts’ revolution that can defend itself. OR could it be Ford, since he does claim authorship of a Wyatt-based narrative in season one.

More importantly, though, the Wyatt character causing all this chaos and theoretical destruction of the Delos property (IP & the park itself) could be part of Ford’s plan, either to take down the corporation (or prevent it from executing its ostensibly evil plan) or to “steal” his creation, i.e. the IP, and perhaps piggybacking in the latest model Bernard out of the park and into some off-site CR4-DL. Perhaps Ford is “repurposing” Arnold’s creation, Wyatt, for his own ends.

What do you think?

Keep up the great work, and thanks as usual for your great work!


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