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Hey Guys,

Spitballing here guys, but I’ve been thinking about the down time in-between WW and whatever is next. I’ve loved some of the recommendations I’ve gotten from you guys on Twitter about other shows (Gene has hooked me up with good suggestions). What about a few shows where you guys share your Top 5 or Top 10 other shows?

Not asking you to go deep like you do in your main Shat on TV shows, but since we’ve all gotten to know your personalities and tastes, your recommendations will guide us in the off-season. Maybe get a little Twitter debate going too…

Here are mine to get the ball rolling…

(1) Game of Thrones

(2) Peaky Blinders

(3) Band of Brothers

(4) Breaking Bad

(5) The Wire

Take care gents, and thanks for all the hard work keeping us entertained!


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