William and the Man in Black Are Not the Same Person!

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Las Mudas Cantina proves the two men are not one in the same.
In episode: Chestnut, The Man in Black says, “…is why I was so surprised when your friend Kissy told me about this place.” when he sits Lawrence down at Las Mudas Cantina.

In Dissonance Theory, young William is at that same town and Cantina with Dolores. The Man in Black never has been to the Las Mudas Cantina, yet the younger version was there 30 years before. Theory disproven. Some people have argued that MIB’s surprise is about Lawrence’s family.

But, the place and family are two distinct separate beats. First beat: MIB: …you and I are friends. Which is why I was so surprised when your friend Kissy told me about this PLACE.
Lawrence: Where are we?
MIB: Your home.

Lawrence reacts in denial.

And then in a whole new beat MIB explains their history together, “but you never told me you had a family”
Two separate discoveries for MIB.

If the two of them have know each other for years and MIB normally frequented Lawrence’s village, it seems highly unlikely MIB wouldn’t have made that connection.

I understand the signage argument for multiple story lines, but eventually Occam’s razor will weigh more and more evidence one way or the other. Both theories are still possible, but it seems MIB being surprised about Las Mudas Cantina is stronger than the different signs. – P Hershey

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