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Hey Guys! Love the show, thanks for keeping the Westworld conversation going all week long.

Listening to last week’s Telegraph and this week’s shows there are two separate items that I see as related and wanted to share my perspective.

The two items are:

  1. The theory that William cannot be the MiB because when the MiB arrived in Las Mudas he said he had not been there before.
  2. Trying to understand why the MiB appeared so weak in this week’s episode.

The way I see these related is in the sense that I think we need to keep in mind is that Westworld is, in essence, a video game.

I recall when I first saw the MiB’s shootout in Las Mudas, that while it was fun I had an initial sense that it strained believability. But, as I watched that episode a second time the video game aspect hit me: The MiB had fought that fight many times previously. He knew where every threat was going to come from, he probably failed many times before finally learning exactly how to win that battle without any effort. In gaming terms, he had that boss fight on the farm.

Continuing into episode 6 we see him encounter something new and unexpected (Ford is putting in his new narrative), plus in a zone that is of higher difficulty. As he is headed to Pariah, he learns the road is closed and for the first time, seems uncertain of what to do: He asks Teddy if he knows another way to Pariah.

Then, he is caught off-guard when Teddy is recognized and starts a fight he doesn’t want to have. Again, as a gamer, I know that feeling, escort quests and NPC companions can really ruin your day. But, also, seeing him get captured so quickly reminds me of those parts of video games where it is scripted that you are going to fail and be captured and have to make your big escape.

Now, going back to the MiB saying he had never been to Las Mudas before as evidence that he is not William, viewing that through the video game lens and also recalling my realization that the MiB has clearly fought that battle many times before. How does this make sense? The MiB knows the dialog options he has to use to get through that part of the quest. That being the case, while this doesn’t prove that William is the MiB, it does leave the possibility open.

I’m not sure if William is the MiB, or maybe Logan, or maybe it’s someone else, even someone we have yet to encounter… But to me, it seems clear that William as the MiB is still a possibility.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. –Jim

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