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Hey Guys,

Through season one and a bit in season two the recurring concept put forth by Ford and later by Delores was that the goal of the hosts should be to dominate and drive the humans to extinction because the hosts are “better” or “less evil” or some other moral value that justifies their eventual victory. As Darwin pointed out evolution only appears to be goal directed and is just a numbers game described as “fitness”. If two species are competing for the same energy resources or niche the one that reproduces most efficiently eventually outnumbers the other driving it to extinction by sheer numbers.

One of the gaps in the whole Westworld storyline is how the resources that are needed to print the hosts, power them, extract their waste products, and repair them are acquired. Unless they are perpetual motion machines they must obey the Second Law of Thermodynamics like all biological systems do. Humans are able to print themselves (reproduction), power themselves from very diverse food chains driven by free solar energy, handle a variety of waste and immunological functions by growing the most complex replicating chemical processor in the universe (the 50 trillion cells in our body), and most importantly, adapt to a constantly changing environment through the processes of mutation and death. This physical substrate combined with the power of abstract imagination and collective learning has resulted in our becoming the dominate species on the planet. The battle with AI beings will be for control of the common energy resources but without a means to mutate and adapt to new circumstances in the environment through death the hosts don’t stand a chance in the long run. From what we’ve seen so far they are wholly dependent on a very fragile physical and IP product (code) supply chain that will be their doom IMHO.

Dave Wright
San Diego

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    That’s a very good point, Dave. I wonder if the show intentionally hasn’t addressed how hosts are powered because the creators find it irrelevant to the storyline. Or is it a surprise they’ve kept to spice up later seasons?

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