Why Not Embrace Being The Mad Queen?

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Hey guys!

I’m a long time listener (2+ years) of the podcast and am so happy that I have a dependable, well-informed podcast to listen to about GOT. I’ve thought about writing in a few times, but after last night’s episode, I knew I had to do it. I am one of the fans who has a really hard time saying anything negative about the show, even if I might think it in my head.. I’ve been hoping for the entire season that the show-writers were trying to create an angle with Daenerys, convincing the audience that she was something that she was not (mad), but it seems like she has committed to this image. Before the episode I told friends, “I hope she burns down all of King’s landing” because of her recent losses, her inability to have a good strategy from any of her advisors, and, well, because she’s a dragon.. Game of thrones is the only show ever written that can make you turn on a character and their arc so quickly, and this is where this episode had me. At one point I thought, Daenerys, please stop, please don’t do this, because I love how far she has come, and I love that she is just “bad” enough to be inspiring, yet justified. She has been hit hard recently, and I feel that she has been getting a lot of hate, although I feel like her thoughts on attacking King’s landing have been, somewhat, legitimate. If someone told me that the guy I love just so happens to be my nephew, and, also, the rightful heir to something I’ve been working for my whole life, I’d be SHOOK. She lost a dragon, her two best friends, half of her army, and everyone hates her even though up until this point, she hasn’t really done anything to deserve those thoughts.. If everyone thinks she is this terrible, mad queen, why not just go ahead and be that queen?

I hope that in the last episode, they can start to humanize her a little more, instead of villainize (I don’t think that’s a word but I like it). I could though, totally see a situation where she has to be dealt with, Jon is responsible for ruling Westeros, but doesn’t want to do it after all he has been through, and he ends up going North of the wall with Ghost (I wouldn’t be sad about that at all)..

Anyway, I love the podcast and get excited every time I get the notification that it is up. I listen in between breaks at work, at the gym, and basically anywhere I can.. It’s my favorite!

Last thought- maybe if Jon would have just slept with his aunt, King’s landing would’ve been spared…… you know nothing Jon Snow

Thanks for all you do,
Andie from Kentucky

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