Why Jon is making Waffles

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Hey guys love the podcast. I’ll been a listener since The premier of Westworld.

You mentioned in the insta cast that people think Dr Manhattan is going to pass on his powers to Sister Knight. It took me a little bit but it finally sunk in and the clues are obvious. And it centers on a single question. Why the fuck would Dr Manhattan be making waffles?

As Jon “no H” is getting his bearings again he makes sure to have a conversation with Angela while walking on the surface of the pool. And even tells her it is important for for her to see him walking on the water.

At the bar when they met when and it is discovered that Jon could pass on his powers, Angela says something to the effect of “You can do something to this egg and if I eat it I could walk on water”. Sorry I don’t remember the exact quote but I’m tired and about to go to sleep.

And while he is making waffles he deliberately reminds her about eggs and floats them in front of her when he just as easily could have teleported them out of the fridge, or created them out of thin air like he did at the bar.

I believe that while Angela starts the gunfight with the 7th Cavalry Jon is finishing making waffles that Angela will discover when she re-enters her house to regroup. And she will piece together the importance of a well balanced breakfast that will turn you into a godlike being.

Love the podcast. Keep up the good work

Dave, Des Moines Iowa

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