Why Is Cersei Conflicted About Killing Tyrion?

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…and happy! <---Hey, the Hound and Arya road show is back! This is only my second week of listening to you guys, and I have thoroughly enjoyed your takes on the episodes. I found you guys because the various reactions to "The Long Night" were so divided, and I wanted to seek out fresh analysis and opinions. Anyways, I wanted to pick your brains about two questions I had about the episode 4 exchange at the King's Landing gate. 1) Do you believe Qyburn was being sincere about wanting to avoid the deaths of King's Landing citizens in the same way that Tyrion and Varys do? Or, do you think it's merely self preservation, knowing if Dany & Co. decide to attack the city, there's a decent chance team Cersei eventually goes down? If you do think Qyburn does care about the citizenry, do you think there's any chance he may betray Cersei(maybe lending a HAND to Jaime)? 2) When Cersei called off the archers, do you think that was just 'plot armor' for Tyrion? That action doesn't seem parallel to her hiring of Bronn to kill Tyrion nor her decision to execute Missandei. She clearly doesn't have a problem antagonizing Daenerys. It just seemed like she not only had the opportunity to kill her brother, but she could witness it! Is it possible deep down she's conflicted about killing Tyrion? I'm inclined not to think that's the case, but she has had his life in her hands twice in the last two seasons and has opted not to deal the killing blow. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to listening to the podcast from here on out! Chris from Pensacola, FL[text-blocks id="7428"]

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