Why I Think The Rise of The Mad Queen Is Completely Believable

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Hi guys,

I promise this isn’t a hate mail, but in my humble opinion, you guys are dead wrong on the believability of Daenerys going mad.

We have to remind ourselves of exactly what she has lost in a very short amount of time. In a short span, she has lost her best friend, her protector, 2 children, a substantial portion of her army, the trust of her lover, and her claim to the very thing she has been fighting for since she was a young girl. Furthermore, based on that conversation between Tyrian and her in the council room, I think she also knew she no longer had a trusted hand but wasn’t going to deal with it at that moment.

I know a lot of people in my personal life who have lost their minds or gone temporarily nuts over the loss of far less. Hell, I have some friends that have gone Kookoo over the breakup with a fuckboy!! Death and loss can make us so crazy things. While I agree with you guys that there has been a lot of jumping forward in plot and storyline this season, I actually think Daenerys’ evolution into the Mad Queen is right on track.

On a side note, you guys mentioned that in this episode Arya has somehow lost all of her training. I gotta disagree again. I think she quickly realized the situation and knew killing Cersai was going to be an impossible task. Part of her training was also to know when to take your shot. The city was literally crumbling around her. Fire everywhere. I think it’s reasonable for her to come to her senses and say not today. ?? But also, fuck the rubble that took down Cersai. That was a BS death for her.

Anywho, love love love the podcast. Thank you so much for all the time you guys put into this every week. I can’t believe we are down to the final episode!!!! Can’t wait for the deep dive.

Much love!!!

Sarah Marzouk, JD

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