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Hey Guys,

I am trying with every fiber in my body not to be overly critical of the episode given the unparalleled experienced GOT has delivered time and time again over the years. Thus, I want to give GOT the respect it has earned a thousand times over. But The Bells fell woefully short of my expectations.

I echo many of the sentiments that Big D articulated on the Instacast. Above all, though, I walked away from the episode with two core reactions. First, I was emotionless – perhaps for the first time ever. And this happened during one of the episodes when my emotions naturally should have been overflowing. I have not yet digested the root cause. The following things appeared to contribute to the end product: (1) the pace of the narrative (as has been mentioned repeatedly) finally reached a tipping point and spiraled out-of-control, including the unsatisfying deaths of Cersei and Jamie, (2) there seemed to be an uncharacteristic absence of timely and spell-like music that we are accustomed to from Ramin Djawadi during pivotal moments on the show, and (3) the path Benioff and Weiss decided to take GOT in was by far the least desirable direction in my opinion.

Second, related to my last point above, many hints were dropped over the years that Daenerys was struggling with her inner-Targaryen nature, plus the trials and tribulations that she had to go through during her entire life. The reality that she may be capable of destroying Kings Landing with fire and blood was a constant – though subtle – drumbeat in the background of the show from the very outset. But so too was Daenerys’ competing viewpoint to be the breaker of chains, break the wheel, shirk her father’s and the other lords’ evil ways, including by ceasing raping, pillaging and murdering. Daenerys’ potential destiny to do this – as a strong, likeable, passionate and persevering woman – was key story arch for me. And this was shattered into a million pieces last night, although the fate was sealed in The Last of the Starks. (Gene, I was surprised to hear you say that you still want to hear Daenerys’ explanation before drawing a conclusion. Due process, to be sure, is a fundamental component of a government of laws. But we were all witnesses to what occurred last night, and Daenerys committed unspeakable evils and unmistakably is now a horrid villain – she killed tens, if not hundreds, of thousand of innocent civilians for no reason at all beyond her thirst for blood and desire to impose fear on her subjects.)

In the end, this leaves me thinking that Jon and Tyrion are executed early in the episode. Arya kills Grey Worm, gets his face, and takes care of the new number one on her last: Daenerys, who has green eyes (on the TV show). Sansa ultimately takes the throne or splits the seven kingdoms into a loose union like the United States under the Articles of Confederation (pre-Constitution).


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