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Hey Guys

Great show, I’m sure I’m one of many who has found your show, albeit a season too late. I’ll be looking forward to future shows about different programs. Maybe the next GOT prequel show which im sure you’ll be covering.

I have a funny take on your show and specifically who you are (to me). Before the days of the internet when you listened to radio, you never knew what the radio personalities looked like. So im sure i can’t be the only person to mentally assign images to the voices. Usually they were people from other shows or tv. I haven’t and will not look you guys up because i prefer to think of you as who i have assigned as your likenesses.

Big D for me your voice, which i hear as a more deep toned voice ,conjures up a vision of someone serious and stern. Sir Davos comes to mind. So i will forever associate your voice with his face. Not sure if your a better looking dude than the actor who plays him but oh well.

Gene. Yours was tougher for me. Your voice is kind of like generic radio douche that you hear all across America. Not saying your’e a douche, just your voice is douchey, sorry not sorry. You were destined to be the faceless man of the podcast in my mind. Then it hit me during the most recent small council podcast. You we’re ironically talking about your appearance, if i heard correct your Iranian which i don’t get out of your voice ? And in the same discussion you or Big D mentioned the show Lost. Matthew Fox i see as someone who has your voice. A little more nasally and higher pitched. So you are forever Matthew Fox.

Looking forward to next weeks wrap up on GOT


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