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Dear Shat Nation

So I’ve been thinking about Bernard’s “white hands” and an explanation for this. Is it possible it is just a metaphor, that they are Ford’s hands, because he has been Ford’s hands in reality the whole time? He has been doing Ford’s bidding since he’s been created, so it could be a metaphor for who he has been, and his purpose for being created. I believe the opening scene between Delores and Bernard, the “Fidelity” test, could be possibly from the present day in Westworld. It’s possibly going on in Bernard’s mind currently, which is why he is looking all empty and confused. It could be in the cr4-dl, or in his mind, much like the Delores conversations with her own mind in season 1. It’s still possible Teddy took Bernard’s mind I guess, but I never really liked that theory, it just seemed beneath the show. This new theory is much more Plausible for me, that he’s currently trying to piece together what or who he is. And exactly what’s going on, or what happened. But I strongly believe that test in the beginning was present day, if you look at Delores’ dress, it’s the narrative one, one we haven’t seen at all this season aside from flashbacks, and now in the cradle, Bernard also seems to have no scars, no wounds, and looks to be in his normal suit (an all black suit) with no signs of any wear to any part of him…. That is big reason I think it’s playing out on his mind/ or the cradle. Could be Bernard’s inner consciousness trying to coax out Arnold and become truly sentient. (Much like Wyatt/Delores, however I am of mind Arnold is just a program like big d has said)

I also wanted to speak about the powerful scene with Emily and William. He tells her she was afraid of the elephants, and Emily corrects him. I think he was testing her to see if she was a host, and when he finds out she is real, he is surprised. We know that he had an estranged relationship with her, and he is genuinely caught off guard that she is there for him. This scene was well acted, by Ed Harris especially, holding back tears when he hears that if he goes with Emily to the beach, it will make them even, or at least b a start on repairing the damaged relationship. He is hurt so bad in this scene, he wants to go with her, I think, and his expressions, and his eyes tell us as much. As a father, of a little girl, and I think big d can vouch for this, I saw that the man in Black is torn in that moment between two missions. Family, and something else, obviously something much bigger. Otherwise he would have went with Emily to that beach. I can’t imagine right now what it is that would be more important than his daughter. It is the revolving metaphor we get with the black hat white hat choice metaphor, (the lobby where you pick which hat, is also shown before Bernard and Elsie reach the cradle) sometimes the answer isn’t so simple, which I thought was well conveyed in the campfire scene. Emily does lie as to her original intentions for the reason she is in the park, and that’s something to watch as the season progresses. She def did not want to attend the gala, and she has reasons for being there other than just visiting.

Last thing to add, again, we only see Ford in a reflection off of glass, and that is also something to remember when discussing possible theories. Idk what it means, just seems to be a reoccurring thing.

I do have a small question, I want opinions on this,
Thandie Newton seems to be doing a fantastic job acting this season, however does her Arc, story, seem a little too predictable at this point? I think it may be a huge mislead for us, as viewers, they may have something very huge planned for her, and it will come out of nowhere. At least im hoping. She has done wonderful job regardless of the outcome of the show.

Dedicated fan and listener, Kenny P , from Rochester NY

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