Where Is Gendry?

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Hey guys love the show!

This episode was awesome but left me with a couple questions. For example, WHERES GENDRY?! I feel like no ones asking themselves this. Is he at eastwatch? If so they didn’t show him with tourmund and beric so are we assuming he’s dead? Did they really bring him back to fight at eastwatch then die at wall? Doesn’t seem likely but I don’t get why every single character was literally shown even if they didn’t speak (like grey worm and messandi) literally every main character was shown this episode – where the heck is he?!?

Second question

If cersi had this planned to doublecross John and Dany the whole time, why the whole show? Why did she bother inviting them all to dragon pit? Jon and dany we’re going north regardless if she agreed to this or not Why did she the lore Tyrion in for that conversation? Why did she basically lead him on to the conclusion that she was pregnant? (You can tell that was important she wanted him to figure that out) I know people are speculating that Tyrion has alternative motives and that they might have come to an agreement that her child could take the Thorne after Dany? The whole cant have a baby storyline keeps popping up over and over again, Again just theories but this would only hold up if she kept her end of the bargain of going north.

I get the whole story telling side to it and trust me I fully enjoyed this episode, I just find it difficult to believe that she conspired with euron and still put on this whole show, like what does she gain out of lying to them? I can’t figure this one out, help!

Love the show! Going to miss you guys!

Until season 8!
– Jenna (from NY)

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