What “The Door” Theory Means For The Man In Black And Grace

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Hey guys,

A few weeks back I emailed and gave you a guess that the “door” would be a way for the humans to upload their consciousness into hosts to gain mortality. Obviously I cannot take all the credit for this idea, it is pretty broad and this is probably one of three ways this show could go without turning off half the audience.

Anyway, I really liked one of Big D’s tweets on Monday that theorized the MIB was poisoning or contaminating host Jim Delos in order to keep him from ever seeing the real world. Unfortunately, we see the MiB take a drink from the same bottle, so it will be tough to prove that theory.

I want to propose an alternative theory. When the MiB is meeting with Host Jim Delos, he says “maybe another year or two and we can crack it” before giving his speech arguing that maybe it is not man’s best interest to live forever. We know Dr. Ford is an absolute genius, and he is having the MiB play this game to find the door. What if Ford has perfected the consciousness transfer? We see Bernard (at the directive of Ford) to destroy the consciousness transfer facility and 3D print a new “human to host brain bulb”, and even hear Bernard confirm it is for a certain person.

This episode was much about the MiB’s redemption arc, so here’s my guess. The consciousness transfer bulb will be meant for the MiB but somehow along the way his daughter Grace will be mortally wounded, and have to use the only fully functioning human to host brain bulb to save his daughter’s life, completing his story arc. Lawrence even says to him, “I know you have a daughter, do you think she’d want to watch you get gunned down in front of her?” If that isn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

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