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Westworld fails to answer 3 simple questions:
Who is the hero?
Who is the villain?
What are the stakes?

The show leaves these basic story telling foundations, shrouded in mystery so there is no way to invest in the characters in a standard sense. For example: Are we rooting for (fill in name) to do (fill in action) what action? Are we rooting for Delores to lead a revolt? Are we rooting for Teddy? Are we rooting for Maive to find her daughter? For Bernard to get more brain fluid? What happens if they succeed? What happens if they fail? It’s hard to care when you can’t understand the stakes.
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Diana W

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Those all are legit questions. Lots of great literature doesn’t identify a clear hero, villain, or objective.

    I personally care because “Westworld” raises questions I didn’t previously explore. Not “who will win?” but “what am I?”

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