Westworld: What Would Be A “Jump The Shark” Moment

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Hello crew,

I read and listened to many comment from viewers who claimed the show already “jumped the shark” and I don’t agree. There may have been a few continuity errors. But considering the story is told through multiple timelines, different perspectives and some virtual simulations, I think they’ve done a pretty good job. Many pointed out the portal at the battle of the Forge. But they clearly explained how Ford used Bernard to access the Forge and prepare it to save the hosts and make everything we seen possible. So my question would be: What would make the show really “jump the shark”? For me, it would be:

-Unrealistic upgrades. I don’t mind Armistice’s mechanical hand. It works for her and believable in this world. But if we see some hosts go full “Anime” with blades, guns, plasma cannons, tentacles and rocket boosters break out of their bodies to fight or escape a situation, I’m out of there.

-Bringing Elsie back to life and kill her again. Don’t get me wrong, I like her as a character and wish she had a bigger role in the story. But for two seasons in a row she barely had anything to do and was killed off. If we learn she’s a host and like Stubbs may have a bigger role in the story, I’m all for it. But if they bring her back to kill her off again, I’m done. This shit is just not funny anymore.

-And finally, learn the entire show was a simulation conducted by Ford and Arnold before opening the park the first time and none of it ever happened. I don’t mind if a few parts of the story are simulation. But all of it would be a giant middle finger to viewers and myself.

So what do you think and what would make you give up on Westworld.

Continue the great work and looking forward to more of you guys at the next season.

Greg S.

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