Westworld Theory: Maeve Vs William Part 3

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Hello crew,

Was happy to be partially right with my prediction. William was not wrong to say Ford got them together as Ghost Nation guided them at the same location. The showdown was very good and it’s likely the end of that story(for now). As for Lawrence. I wouldn’t be surprised if after his death, remained a voice of conscience in William’s head. I predict Grace/Emily will help her father on his journey/game and likely die doing so.

Explaining why we see the MIB attempt suicide in one of the trailers. Something likely to fail as Ford will find a way to stop it. Sizemore will more than likely repair Maeve (or find someone who can) and help her find Ghost Nation and her daughter. Looking forward to next week and discover more on the natives side of the story.

Keep the great work.

Greg S.

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