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Hey Guys,

Sorry, I’m at work waiting tables and talking to fellow employees about Westworld (because, what the he’ll else are we supposed to talk about between tables?) and came to a conclusion: Abernathy is Arnold.

A few things made me realize this:

He always talks about “natural splendor” like Arnold did….the replacement Abernathy never mentioned it. He simply said “going out to do some of yer’ paintin’?”

In the most recent episode, Delores talks to Maeve and shows that she understands the love she has for storyline charachters is “fake”, yet still refers to Abernathy as “daddy” and shows him love.

When he 1st wakes up in season 1, he is angry and threatens Ford…hes angry because of “what he’s done”

He constantly says that Delores “made him the man he is today”…reinforcing it any time he can in conversation

His prior build was that of a Mad Professor…similar to Arnold being a “mad scientist” who cut himself off from himans and only spoke to hosts

Perhaps they’re trying to smuggle Abernathy out of the park so they can fully control Arnold’s stake in the company? Maybe his consciousness is the only key they have left towards human / host hybrids?

Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work!

Derek English

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