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Hi team

Your discussion during the deep-dive about Logan’s horse that had seemingly “died” in the desert got me thinking about two points:

  1. If the hosts have a mortality measure/setting, which gives the park a sense of realism, what I mean here is that if the guests shoot a host point blank and the host just keeps standing then it wouldn’t seem very realistic. Then it also stands to reason that the animals in the park would also have some sort of mortality measure/setting and perhaps the horses have an exhaustion setting whereby it cannot keep riding infinitely. Therefore answering why Logan’s horse had collapsed in the desert.
  2. This then brought about my second point/question which is that so far we haven’t seen what powers the hosts. We’ve seen how their “brain”/consciousness works (mechanically) but there has been no reference or explanation as to what actually powers them. At no point have we seen any of the hosts being plugged into an electrical socket. Akecheta was roaming around the park for almost a decade without returning to the “body shop” so I’m assuming the hosts run on some sort of self-recharging technology…any thoughts here?

Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put in, really appreciate it.

(Listening all the way from South Africa)

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