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Hey guys,

I have an idea stuck in my head that combines a few different theories. Unfortunatly it kinda ruins your Arnold theory though.

So for starters Delos is Abernathy. His concience was uploaded into Abernathy with the promise of eternal life, this isn’t a new theory but kind of got me thinking about Bernard and Arnold.

We think that Arnold “sacraficed” himself for the park and was the one who really got the A.I. working.

So my theory is that what if Arnold was only able to build the A.I.’s by becoming one himself. His “sacrifice” was uploading himself into Bernard which happens before they really start the park, so Bernard is there from the begining. Hence why no one thinks anything about seeing Bernard and not arnold.

Delores doesn’t really shoot him, it’s more of a metaphor of the host he entered ending his phisical life. The reason we see Delores with the gun is because she was always his favorite and his mind chooses to see her.

So since Arnold found how to upload consciences into hosts, more have been uploaded in secret and all of the hosts with the maze under their scalp have human consciences and have the ability of gaining free will.

Hope this makes sense.

Richard K (average D)

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