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Hi there, sure have enjoyed your in depth analyses of Westworld episodes and just finished listening to your take on the season 3 finale. Bottom line, Westworld jumped the shark in season 2 and did not redeem itself in season 3. Sad but true.

I had been hoping for a return to the magic of season 1. I don’t know why uninspired show runners resort to ending a TV show season with some lalapalooza disaster but season 1 ending with Ford’s death and the revolution of the hosts, end of the park, that was disappointing, to say the least. What was the GD rush to take us away from the park? I didn’t get it then and nothing that happened in season 2 or 3 grabbed my fascination the way season 1 did. Every episode in season 1, I went back to view 2 or 3 times, deciphering the timeline, the turns and unexpected reveals captured me. Season 2, blah. The whole idea of just transferring the hosts to a virtual reality left me cold. Season 3. You can call them plot holes, I call them disappointing incoherence. The story as they have developed it cannot ever take us back to the parks which were the most interesting aspect of … WESTWORLD. The PARK!

Like you, I’ll probably watch season 4, if only to see Delores (you do realize, this name is the latin world for sorrow, grief), Maeve, and Bernard. Caleb is a waste, totally uninteresting. But if they do produce a 4th season, I hope it’s more satisfying than this one has been.

Thanks for all your hard work and the many hours devoted to the podcast.

Susan Hayden
Morrow GA (suburb of Atlanta)

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