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Hey Guys,

You can read Bernard’s lips when he tells Charlotte Hale the location of Peter Abernathy. To me it appears he said “Sector 16 Zone 4,” the same location he told Strand a minute later.

When Hale’s face was mostly hidden from the tv viewer by Bernard’s head, the visible part of her left cheek didn’t move, so I don’t think she could have whispered anything to Bernard in secret. Although it looks unusual to have her face hidden from the viewer, it might be a red herring to distract viewers and stimulate wild speculation.

Peter Abernathy’s essence is in the undamaged brain bulb Dolores extracted from his head. Why do you believe Dolores has no intention of reviving him after moving the decryption key and deleting Sizemore’s hasty bad code?
When I looked up Ecorches at several websites, the most common translation I found for the NOUN was “cutaway diagram.”

The QA guard would not have overheard Bernard talking to Ford if their conversations after they left the Cradle were actually internal & high speed, with the embellishment of spoken-aloud conversation merely for the sake of us television viewers.

Although its possible friendship motivated Sizemore to saved Maeve from QA, what he explicitly said was that they need her. My hunch is that both friendship and need were present. Whether or not Maeve reciprocates the feeling of friendship is less clear, since she’s an expert at manipulating men.

Steve Eppley

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