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What’s up fellas? Listening intently as usual and this week is going to be huge. Not really happy about the Dallas Cowboys tweet but I digress. Here is my theory on the end game of season one:

I think (based on totality of season one and what I can pull from the trailer of ep 10) that the whole Wyatt narrative is an earlier version of what Maeve is doing now. I think this whole season is a very long repetitive loop that the hosts go thru. At some point in the past there was a host that reached the center of the maze and became “aware/self conscious” and began influencing/affecting other hosts (like spreading a computer virus). I think Teddy is/was Wyatt at some point in the past and was repurposed. In the trailer for ep10 they make a point to show someone cranking a music box during a past Escalante massacre. What do you bet that the music box is playing Reverie. The same song Ford used to calm down Maeve? I’ve heard at least 3 or 4 times this season “we’ve been here before.” Most recently during BernArnold’s confrontation with Ford. It was interesting that Ford had “hoped” that BernArnold would have decided to help his cause. This makes me think that everything that is happening with the hosts has happened before. Dolores was the first, then maybe Wyatt or Teddy and now Maeve. Is this the result of Arnold’s programming? Ford (IMHO) is trying to push the host to some sort of realization that maybe human consciousness is not what they want. Right now I can’t tell if Ford is a good guy or a bad guy.

I hope this is not too late to make the cut.

Keep up the good work fellas.
Maybe one day I can smoke some BBQ for you (but not that Cowboys fan!)

Coach Markus

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