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Hello Shat podcast,

I am your listener since first season of Westworld and followed all your tv show podcasts since. So glad to be back for Westworld! I may be late for listeners theories for episode 2 but I would like to share food for thoughts. I wont touch base on any major plot theories as I am waiting for more evidence in upcoming episodes. However, love Big D tin foil theory about Bernard but I am not at the same boat yet.

Since the show is using heavily Greek mythology it got me thinking about all the “dead” hosts floating in the sea. The word ARGOS could be explained in many ways. Argos was also a name/ term for warriors who participated on assault of ancient Troy. That led me into ‘Troy horse” theory. In season one the show explained that no host can leave the park because of an explosive charge in the base of their spines, specifically located in the C6 vertebra. Maeve had to burn her body to be rebuild without the explosives. Dolores must be aware of this safety feature and cannot possibly lead all sentient hosts to their death in attempt to escape.I believe she found a way around it. Perhaps the first generation of hosts was build without it as we saw Dolores and others interact outside of the park. However, the corporation sent Abernathy to exit the park. Either they removed the explosive charge or simply deactivated it. Meaning if a host is pronounced as “decommissioned” all safety features included explosives are disabled. Therefore a group suicide and pretense to be dead and be awoken at the right time. I would like to know what do you think.

PS:I don’t believe that Ford is alive in any shape or form. But he planned and predicted entire Man in Black journey as an atonement and programmed all host necessary to secure that Man in black will be in a right time at the right place. I don’t see any other ending for William than his death at the end of his last journey through Westworld.

Greetings from Chicago,

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Always the voice of reason, Sarka. Just because Maeve discovered one way out of the park without exploding doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

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