Westworld Post-Credits Scene = Marvel Set-Up For Thanos

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Hey Guys,

Amazing job with the podcast! My girlfriend and I have made it a nightly ritual over the last couple of weeks to nerd out with your podcast after each episode. I believe you guys are actually the reason she really got into Westworld…so thanks for that (although I think it’s really because of how sultry Big D’s voice comes in over our speakers).

So, I recently read an article that had a quote from Lisa Joy where she mentioned that the post-credits scene where MiB is chatting with Robo Emily isn’t where Season 3 is going to start from. She stated that it’s more of a teaser to a world that the creators of the show are building and this is the first glimpse we get, but it won’t fully come into play until much later.

With that said, my mind immediately went to the way by which Marvel started to set up the Thanos story line (which we’re currently in) starting from the first Avengers movie with that post-credits scene. I sort of like this strategy. From the instacast after the season finale, I had also wondered, “Well, what’s gonna happen now?”, and I think providing this context for the post-credits scene is much more satisfying versus it being a teaser to Season 3. I can only assume that each upcoming season finale will have a similar post-credit scene that provides another glimpse into the much distant future that the show is ultimately building towards…..and with that in mind, I feel more invested than I did before.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on it and see if you share in my excitement and curiosity as to how the hell can things get so bad in the real world that the hosts feel the need to bring back MiB in this apocalyptic future.

Again, I really appreciate what you guys do and I’m looking forward to another season of American Gods (that’s right…good ole’ Shadow).

Daniel M

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