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Dear shat,

Welcome to riddle of the sphinx, westworld at its very best, a one episode story, different perspectives telling or showing you the stories. I loved it. Tessa Thompson killed it. Aaron Paul killed it.

Don’t get me wrong; the entire painting is beautiful here, acting, background, foreground, extras, graphics, music and execution. Everything in this series is fantastic. I almost feel bad for the production crew. Because I mostly credit the acting and writing. But everything else makes the acting much more impactful.

-All this said

The idea put forth by the show that powerful people in industry decide you’re fate based on a algorithm is such a realistic future. Its what is going to make it so much more difficult to pick a side. This is westworld. Taking a look at things in life every person struggles with. Depression, addiction. In depression, for example, people withdrawal from things they love. Investment, in life, they decrease investment, making it more likely they stay in that depression. That is why it’s so important to force yourself into investing in life, pick up hobbies, branch out, meet new people, etc.

That stuff though, is largely in you’re control. Imagine if it wasn’t, that’s the idea westworld is presenting. The idea that you’re narrative, has been already determined by someone or something else. You have little control. Just as Delores in S1, she was in the loop. So, instead of writing caleb off, she brought him in and laid it out, like was shown to her, to present him with wokeness. Powerful stuff. How can you not root for Delores now. That was an issue I had with S2, destroying humanity, you can’t truly root for. It’s a cognitive dissonance.

Lastly, I personally loved the progression of halebot from beginning to end of episode

Early on, the interactions with her son felt so fake and def not genuine. The powerful recording message to her son sealed it. Tremendous execution by the show and obviously Tessa Thompson as well. A lesser show would have botched it somehow, and would have opened with the full recording, in context. Instead, they showed a glimpse early, without context, making the effect on the viewer much more powerful in the end. A huge risk, showing they have confidence in they’re execution and actors. I love it.

HALE=DELORES reasoning

– to Ashley, so you’re right about Delores and her original programming being more conservative. However, it’s unclear how much time has passed. Park delores, s1 spoiler alert, was unlocked by her “inner voice”, herself essentially. This also, doesn’t seal the deal for me.

Ultimately, the best evidence I have, came in the season 2 finale. Upon leaving the park she brings Bernard back, saying she needs that check on herself.

That leads me to believe Delores understands or concludes that she went overboard (*S2*). Seeing teddy kill himself would have been a reality check for Delores. She is possibly aware she went too far, becoming more controlling and being similar to what she’s fighting. She over controlled Teddy, leading him to be like, no thanks, fake heaven is better.

She would bring “pure” or a version of innocent Delores to see if she becomes too corrupt. It’s likely going to backfire on her if this is the case and that a version of Dolores is also in Hale.

This would also follow a trend of a narrative this show is starting to build… with caleb mostly, that he will eventually KILL HIMSELF. Despite any events. That is his end, that’s what the program says. OR events change enough, and it changes him. Think about that, why would Delores be interested in seeing if humans can change?

Ie breaking their narratives. Why would she want that? so she doesn’t need to kill everyone. Who would want that? Who would root for Delores To Kill Human kind. (*Gene, i see you with you’re hand raised) yes, I’d like a version of that too, because I’m twisted, but I just don’t see that happening.

Idk if she feels for Man in black enough to try to change his narrative. But remember the program had judged him as well, he wanted to change that. Idk if he can without help.

Redemption. Revolution, bringing back real choice and freedom is a noble cause.

I will say also, it’d be really interesting if delores fights herself, the same inner conflict displayed in S1 and 2, I feel like it’s cliche, but at the least they found a different, creative way to do it.

Enjoy the podcast, love everyone……even woke roger.

Kenny p

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2 Responses

  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    You are correct Kenny, that we don’t know how much time has passed for Dolores, and I would also add how time works differently for the hosts versus the humans. Time for them could mean less and they can do more growing, if you will, in a shorter amount of time.

    • Kenny P says:

      Agreed, I totally missed that time concept for hosts. I love this season in that they are being about as direct as can be given what this show is known for. Last season’s mysteries didn’t make a whole lot of sense, felt like they were just in it to fool the viewer. This season is much more straight forward, and confident in the reveals. (*just watched episode 4*).

      I was going to write in this week about Orwellian/Fitzgeraldian color symbology. I love that they use this much more in this season than any other. Also much more than black or white. Like red and black being establishment (totalitarian government). The references to the nazis and one authoritarian rule. I love it, and the water taken in “communion” instead of being for religion and GOD, is instead for establishment and technology as a GOD. it’s all wonderful, but I will voicemail a different question instead. Because I dont have a good answer. You’ll see lol

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