Westworld: How the Fuck Did Ford Do That?

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What’s up Shatheads. It’s Brett from Marlboro, NJ here. I know you guys already did your final telegraph for the season but I’m still chillin on those edibles (trying to send you some Big D) and wine, going into Westworld, and the Wire, YouTube holes and I had to write this.

I’ll make it short since it really has no relevance to the recent season. They never fuckin’ explained how Ford was able to control dozens of Hosts without moving a finger. The meeting with Teresa overlooking the farmers, the meeting with William and Teddy in the bar.

It almost seems like they put that in Season 1, in the middle of a whole bunch of other mysteries, purposely to make us focus on other things instead of Ford’s magical powers. The only other person that is able to do what Ford does is leveled-up Maeve.

That got me thinking, especially after listening to the recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with Elon Musk where they talk about Neural Interface Technology. Could there be more to Ford than we think? Could he have somehow merged his physical self with tech that allowed him to interface on the Mesh Net like Maeve does?

Just something to think about until 2022 or whenever the next season is. I don’t care how long cause there is too much content out there now so I don’t mind waiting. That’s why I try not to judge a season too harshly unless it is total trash. (See Fear the Walking Dead Season 5) Gotta wait for the complete story.

Stay safe and keep on casting
Weed, Whites and Wine
Chillin in NJ

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