Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “Dissonance Theory”

Westworld Episode 4 Theories: "Dissonance Theory"
Westworld Episode 4 Theories: "Dissonance Theory"

Westworld Episode 4 Theories: “Dissonance Theory”

It’s that time of the week where the “Hosts”: Rog, Gene, & Big D wrap themselves in their Nasa-supplied tin foil emergency heat blankets, fire up the antique Westworld Telegraph and answer listener theories about Westworld.

Our inbox was filled to the brim with speculation concerning the true meaning of the maze, positive proof of multiple timelines, comparisons to dystopian literature, God complexes, and…..Zombies???

The trio also learns about the Native American story of the I’itoi, receives praise for the new weekly format, and discover Gene has a new admirer.

Westworld Episode 4 Summary:
“Dissonance Theory” Logan decides to finish the bounty hunt and mocks William for bringing Dolores along. They capture the fugitive, but Logan decides to have a better adventure by taking him to his boss. Meanwhile, the Man in Black, accompanied by Lawrence, is hunting snakes and finds Armistice with her snake tattoo. He breaks Escaton out of prison for her, and she tells him that the tattoo represents all of her victims, who were Wyatt’s men. The Man in Black and Lawrence leave for Wyatt, rescuing a tortured Teddy. Cullen takes over the investigation into the stray, not trusting Elsie and Bernard. She meets Ford about his new narrative, but he demands she not interfere, revealing his knowledge about her past and affair with Lowe. Maeve is having visions, and during Escaton and Armistice’s attack on the town she finds a bullet in her unscarred belly with his assistance, proving that her visions are real. They kiss passionately as the sheriff’s men open fire through the door.

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