Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “The Absence of Field”


Westworld Episode 3 Theories: “The Absence of Field”

Texas shows up strong in this listener mail edition of Shat on TV: Westworld. Your email and voicemail concerning Season 3, Episode 3, brought in lots of expertise, from theoretical physics to medical protocol.

This week’s topics include time as a loaf of bread, the “noble savage” philosophy, humanism vs. determinism, and how to pronounce Rehoboam like a true church-goer.

We also talk Isaac Asimov, “Westworld” sound design, and a string of Umm … Actually for a defenseless Dick Ebert.

Listen to more great music from Simon: www.soundcloud.com/simonsteric

Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
“The Absence of Field” The Charlotte host learns Serac is attempting to take over Delos via a mole within the company. Struggling to maintain her identity as a host, Charlotte discovers that the human Charlotte was Serac’s mole, having promised to get the guests’ data to him. However, that data is now locked by an encryption key that Dolores has. Caleb helps Dolores flee but becomes a target under the Rico system. Dolores arrives to save him and shows him that Rehoboam is a predictive AI that is being used to shape the future direction of humanity, down to controlling every individual’s life. Rehoboam has predicted that Caleb will commit suicide in a decade and thus keeps him in poor-paying jobs. Caleb offers to join Dolores as she plans a revolution against Serac and Rehoboam.

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