Westworld Episode 3 Instant Take: “The Stray”

Westworld Episode 3 Instant Take: "The Stray"

Westworld Episode 3 Instant Take: “The Stray”

Holy robot inception, Batman! There was so much happening in this week’s episode of Westworld, we wish HBO would have released it earlier in the week.

The Rog & Big D debate their initial thoughts on Episode 3, entitled “Stray”, in this week’s Shat on TV: Westworld Instacast.

Note: Gene is still on vacation visiting Gothworld, but will return for the big podcast on Tuesday.

Westworld Episode 3 Summary:
“The Stray” William drags Logan off on abounty hunt. Dolores asks Teddy to teach her to shoot, but her programming prevents her from firing a gun. Ford changes Teddy’s backstory for his new narrative, in which the latter is pitted against outlaw host Wyatt. Ford also tells Bernard, who is revealed to have lost his son previously, about his old partner, Arnold, who died in Westworld in an accident. Bernard is worried about the effect their conversations have had on Dolores, but she promises to keep quiet and follow her loop. Elsie, who secretly reports to Bernard, and Stubbs are sent to capture a stray host. They find him trapped in a ravine. When Stubbs tries to retrieve his head, he wakes up and attacks them before smashing his own head in with a rock. At the homestead, Dolores is attacked by bandits, one of whom drags her into the barn to rape her. She steals his gun but is unable to shoot him until she sees him as the Man in Black. Though being shot, she escapes, stumbles into William and Logan’s campsite and collapses in William’s arms.

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4 Responses

  1. absolutelynobodyz says:

    Suicide is one of the ultimate sins in the Bible because you are destroying Gods creation by becoming GOD and deciding to end existence. The only way for the host to break the cycle of its programming and become truly self aware was to destroy itself

    • Gene Lyons says:

      It seems there could be four explanations at play:

      1. The only way for the host to break the cycle of its programming and become truly self aware was to destroy itself
      2. The Good Samaritan Response kicked in and didn’t allow a host to harm Elsie.
      3. The host didn’t want Stubbs to access damning information inside its head
      4. The bicameral mind phenomenon crossed the host’s wires and caused him to self-destruct
  2. The Rog says:

    @Xinky –

    Elsie is frightened because the host woke up from the sleep directive and acting in an unnatural manner. Not to mention he picked up a huge boulder and looked as if he was about to bash her head.

    Thanks for the comment & listening!

  3. Xinky says:

    Why was the woman in the woods, the one that was going to the bathroom on the ground, so afraid of the Ninja hosts? As an employee of the park, wouldn’t she be familiar with all the varieties of hosts?

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