Westworld Episode 2 Review: “The Winter Line”

Westworld Episode 2 Review: "The Winter Line"
Westworld Episode 2 Review: "The Winter Line"

Westworld Episode 2 Review: “The Winter Line”

Shat on TV’s coverage of Westworld Season 3, Episode 2: “The Winter Line” starts off intelligently with discussions of free will vs sentience, the nuance between hero and villain, and Ashley Schlafly’s brilliant overview of Louis Althusser’s views of subjection and the state.

Things take a turn as Dick Ebert unveils his latest treatise: “Rahobo, The God Humans Need,” force-feeding Gene enough tinfoil to spark a Divergence.

Suddenly, it’s Big D worshipping at the altar of Coconut Guy, Gene Lyons offering to kill Dick to save the world, Ashley classifying Serac’s accouterment as “Bond Villain,” an extended team giggle-fest, and the Shat Boys getting way too specific about Westworld’s timelines.

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Westworld Episode 2 Summary: ” The Winter Line”
Bernard returns to Westworld and discovers the Ashley host is still functioning. With Ashley’s help, they find the Maeve host, but it is lacking its “pearl” and that it is no longer in the park. Bernard uses the systems there to verify that Dolores had not contaminated his code, and discovers Dolores targeted several prior park guests including Liam. He reprograms Ashley to help protect him as they return to the mainland. Maeve is rescued from Warworld by Hector but realizes this is another narrative and kills herself to come to in Operations, discovering Lee is alive and wants to help get her to the Forge. However, Maeve soon realizes that this is all a virtual simulation, and after testing its bounds, is able to break her pearl free from its real-world location, but guards stop the attempt. She wakes in a real-world host body and meets Serac, who, after initially thinking she was the major disruption on the system he built, wants her help to stop Dolores.

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  1. Steve M. says:

    Others probably have mentioned this possibility, that Delores will tap into Rehoboam/Solomon for control. She says that humans have built their lives around “beings” like her, not like themselves. Delores will control, or try, to use human’s inventions as her weapons.

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