Westworld Episode 2 Instacast: “Reunion”

Westworld Episode 2 Instacast: “Reunion”

Could Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 “Reunion” be the Rosetta Stone for the rest of the series?

Catch our immediate reaction to this scope-expanding bundle of revelations. We’ll discuss Delos’ true mission, identify the “weapon” Dolores is seeking, outline the new rules of Westworld, and learn more about the game each character faces.

And yeah, that was Gus from “Breaking Bad!”

Westworld Episode 2: Summary: “Reunion” In a flashback, Arnold and Ford organize a demonstration of the hosts to convince Logan Delos to invest in Westworld. While Logan is skeptical about the possibility of androids, he is stunned to discover that the hosts are indistinguishable from humans. He sleeps with Angela to explore how life-like the hosts are. Meanwhile, Arnold takes Dolores to see his home. She is impressed by the city but unwittingly witnesses Logan and Angela in bed. Dolores later recalls this memory to shape her dim view of humanity.

Logan’s father James is critical of Logan’s investment as he does not see a practical business model for Westworld. William takes him to the park and convinces him that they can use the hosts to gather data on the guests and use it to further the Delos Corporation’s business interests. Impressed by William’s tenacity, James buys out the park and names William as his successor. Dolores and the hosts are later used at James’ retirement party where James remarks that the party feels more like William’s coronation. Dolores encounters an embittered Logan, who tells her they have doomed humanity. William berates Dolores saying she is “just a thing” and later shows her a special excavation project that he is constructing within Westworld.

In the present, William rescues Lawrence and convinces Lawrence to follow him due west to the “Pearly Gates” where William intends to burn the park to the ground. He then heads to Pariah to recruit the host currently playing the outlaw El Lazo to deal with amassing Confederados forces. However, El Lazo passes on a message from Ford that William must complete the game on his own. He and his gang shoot themselves to prevent William from recruiting them. Undeterred by the setback, William continues on his quest to destroy his “greatest mistake”.

Dolores, Teddy, Angela, and other hosts raid a refurbishment outpost where guests and technicians are cowering. Dolores shows Teddy his true nature as a host. A technician informs Dolores that hundreds of men will come to kill them as part of the park’s protocols. Outnumbered, Dolores decides to recruit the Confederados to fight. Dolores’ group runs into Maeve while at a camp. Maeve questions their newfound “freedom” before moving on, electing not to join Dolores. At the Confederados base, Dolores demonstrates her apparent god-like ability to bring back dead hosts to life, gaining their loyalty as she leads them to “the Valley Beyond”. She shows Teddy the same spot that William had shown her years earlier, telling him the site houses a weapon they can use against the humans.

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