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Hey Guys,

I am somewhat new to your podcast I have to admit. I only started listening at the beginning of season two of WestWorld, so perhaps I am missing some things that you covered during your previous episodes.

I am writing in now, because I feel that you are all missing the point of this shower. First and foremost, the ideas you have surrounding William (the man in black) are confusing to me. You have somehow elevated his character status to a level, that I don’t necessarily think it deserves. Yes, he has a character arc, one that is important to the narration of the show, but I do no see him as the star of the show, or even a main character. He has little more importance than Teddy. He helps lead Dolores in a certain direction and is mostly there to aid her story line. Perhaps this will change, but for now he seems not all that significant.

When it comes to the main character, the star of the show, it is a toss up between Delores and Maeve. I think the writers want you to constantly go back and forth between the two. Are they both conscious? What are their true intentions? We have seen them both follow script and yet make choices on their own. Perhaps their journey to true consciousness is still playing out in season two? The writers have stated this is a five season story, so I doubt it would be this simple so soon.

The thing is though, I don’t think you guys are truly understanding the meaning of the show. The fact that everyone’s favorite episode of the season, if not the entire series was “The Riddle Of the Sphinx” seems to prove that. That episode was nothing more than filler with a few key moments in the backstory of the world this story is taking place in. Again, Williams only purpose was to drive the story and influence our main characters.

The entire show is much deeper than you’re giving it credit. It’s a reflection on us as a society, that much is obvious. What does it mean to truly be awakened in life? When do you quit listening to your programming? When do truly listen to your own voice?

“Go to work, spend money, get married, reproduce, repeat.”

In the very first episode, Arnold asks Dolores if she ever questions the nature of her reality, the reputation of it, etc.

This is the writers asking US this question. We are the hosts, we are the ones programmed by society to not question the nature of our reality. We do not see the things that should alarm us, that harm us, and lead to our own suffering. The government taking away our rights, being taught that our only purpose is to spend our entire lives working to make other people more money, and continue on “living” in this endless, mindless, repetitive loop.

The reveries, allowing the hosts to remember previous builds, previous lives, which in turn, influence their actions in the present and help guide them through the maze to their awakening.

Think about it, in your life, do you remember everything that has happened to you? Every detail? Do you even remember what you ate for dinner last Friday night? What if you could? What if you were capable of seeing every detail of your life and replay those moments in your head, pick them apart and analyze them? How would this change who you are now? I won’t even get into the idea of past lives.

There are people all over the world, monks, shamans, even regular people on their own spiritual journey who can obtain this level of consciousness through meditation and other more extreme measures. They are the ones who are truly awaken. The majority of the population, while they think they are making their own choices, think they are leading a normal, healthy life, are no different than the hosts in their loops.

I understand it is difficult to wrap your mind around this concept. It’s difficult for me even as I write this. We are all on a journey, one I suspect the writers of the show have already themselves have began. You have to remember, Jonathan Nolan brought us movies such as Inception and Interstellar, both of which are all similar ideas. What is reality? What is time? Space? What influences us? How do we know if we are truly awake or is it all just a dream?

You guys often reference the show LOST, and usually in a negative way. It is clear that you understood that show even less than you understand WestWorld. A show that offered you all the answers to all the questions, even if some of those answers required you to look deeper and make your own decisions. I’m afraid that if you didn’t understand that show, you might really never understand WestWorld.

I assume the constant LOST references on this show, are a nod to not only the story telling, but to the message that LOST tried to teach us. The entire last season took place on a new “loop” or flash sideways. Memories influenced their awakening, allowing them each to move onto a higher level of consciousness. Sound familiar?

For the record, JJ Abrahams only helped write one episode of LOST and has said many times that he had no influence on the direction the show went. That credit goes to Damon Lindelof, who also created The Leftovers.

Bonus Trivia

Flight 815 crashed on the island on September 22nd

The sudden departure happened October 14th in the United States, but in Australia (where flight 815 was flying from) it happened on October the 15th.

23 days

Fate or coincidence?

Steven Milazzo

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