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So I passed the truck for this place the other day and couldn’t help myself. Sorry in advance… [cid:5c7b49fc-00fe-492d-bf60-c5ad864f1203@namprd18.prod.outlook.com]

To start thank you everyone for everything you do. It’s a huge help I don’t know if I’d fully understand the show without you guys. Love listening to the different theory’s. Everyone seems to think that Maeve and Delores are working together. I don’t think they are. (Yet) I think their being pinned against each other from an outside person. What better way to bring down a revolution than by pinning the strongest members of it against each other. So sad it’s a short season I’d have been happy with 3 more episodes instead of one. But Westworld hasn’t disappointed me yet. So I know It’ll still be worth it. Also been playing on the Delos destinations website. The forth park is showing words now, I know they’ve already given us hints on medieval world. But the bits of text I could see said (full of terrors) and something about a dragon, if anyone can make out anymore I’d love to know, thank you again guys your great. Everyone stay safe and stay home. traffic has been great 🙂

Chelsea- way up north in Maine.

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