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Hi Team,

Just wanted to say that your Westworld, Season 3 finale telegraph episode was probably the best of the entire season. Why? Well, because everyone was talking about the finale in context with the entire season! Suddenly, everyone seems to have had the revelation; “Oh, maybe we need to rewatch the season as a whole.” Well, duh. I’ve written in about this before – Westworld, True Detective, Fargo, Watchmen – as much as it pains people you need to see the season as a whole because it’s an 8 to 10 hour experience! Time spent in-between episodes analysing every little reference only serves to confuse, over complicate and lose continuity. Again the questions worth asking when discussing individual episodes are not “What did you think of this episode?” but “How did this episode relate to what we’ve seen previous and where it might be heading next?”

I think the great shame about this season is that I’ve left it not caring about the fate of any of the characters. I think a great misstep was not showing more of Delores’s progression/experience when first getting out of the park and then the recalculation of her plan. More should have been made of the real world and the simulated world to create some intrigue with the audience. I felt so many characters were introduced so late in the season for no reason at all.

There is that saying, TV shouldn’t give an audience what they want but rather what they need. Did Westworld Season 3 give us what we need? I’m really left not remembering much outside of the use of “Genre”. That was actually interesting and really could have been used a lot more as a plot device through the season.

Anyway, whatever it’s only TV. That said, I’ve never thought as much about the loop I’m in until recently. I’ve always considered myself aloof and somewhat of an outlier but is that actually just my loop, my narrative?

Look after yourselves you crazy kids,

Stu from New Zealand

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