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Hey Guys,

I just left you a voicemail, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to double down with an email too.

I’m Patrick in Portland OR, by way of Derby (pronounced Dar-bee), England.

My mate got me onto your S1 WW podcast. Since then I’ve followed you on our journeys through American Gods and Game of Thrones (which I started from S1 in August and finished in October of last year). I’m also addicted to Shat The Movies. I love our now weekly banter on Twitter, and I think the addition of Kerry Gross only adds to the level of conversation, analyise and banter.

Anyway, enough of me blowing smoke up your arses here’s my question, and it’s a little different –

(Hypothetically) HBO call you up and want to hire you all to become show writers on West World. You not only get to see behind the magicians curtain, being told upcoming story lines and how the show ultimately ends, but you get to input your ideas to influence how we the viewers are served up story lines, and maybe even the final ending of West World.

Knowing all the eternal glory (or shit) you may get, and also considering the personal pride and honour you may take from such a “job” offer…

Do you –

  • All go and do it?
  • Some of you go and do it, and some don’t, and whom within the shat team?
  • Do you agree that you all go, or no one goes?
  • Do you not want to do it as you’d rather see how it plays out on TV as a viewer?
  • Another reason for doing it?
  • Another reason for not doing it?

Keep up the good work, now I need to go and watch the Big Lebowski for the first time (eeekkk I know!!!), so I’m ready for this week’s Shat The Movies.


Patrick @patrickgde3

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4 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    I think the final tally on the Telegraph was.

    Gene would do it.
    Big D would do it but only if he got a say in the outcome of the show.
    Roger just wants to get paid more than he currently earns.
    Kerri didn’t comment.

  2. pongplpf says:

    Lolz. Go Wolves! And, please tell me you have seen the Big Lebowski.

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