West World Episode 8 And Kind of an “Um… Actually”

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Hey guys,

I started watching season 3 later than everyone else, and have been listening to the West World podcast as I go along. When you started speculating about the rockets by the motel that Bernarnold and Stubbs are staying at, I rolled my eyes. I thought it was pretty obvious that the whole point of that is to emphasize that they are in a futuristic slum. Often times in the real world undesirable properties and cheap hotels are located near loud high activity areas like airports and train stations. It’s one of those things you read too much into.

With that out of the way, let’s get to episode 8. Something tells me that Delores Prime is in Germany. Its the only thing that makes sense for the series going forward. For three seasons we have been watching her grow and become independent, it would be a waste to completely disable the main focus of the ensemble mid-series. She has been willing to sacrifice other versions of herself to get the job done, but I don’t think she would risk the possibility of not having an uncorrupted copy of herself pulling the strings. The version of Delores we saw in Mexico is probably more like a captain leading the ship into battle. She is trusted with most of the plan, and Delores Prime is giving commands from the metaphorical homeland.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Maive took a similar approach. After she was killed fighting Yakuza Delores, Surok warned her that he would punish her if she fails. He also asked her what she wanted, and she said she wants what Delores has. At this point, Maive knows Delores’s strategy for executing her plan, and there is no reason she couldn’t emulate it in some fashion. Neither of these characters are dead.

Thanks for all of the work you do. I don’t know how I would feel about this season if I didn’t get some of Ashley’s Incite. It probably wouldn’t look like anything to me. I hope you have a great week.

Steven FA7682

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