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I didnt even know that recap podcasts existed until I found yours and walking dead live.

I think what you do is great for a few reasons.

1. You do it with integrity. So you criticise as well as enjoy and promote. Number one attribute for me.

2. You are a front running the multi media tv experience.

3. You choose intellectual feedback to entertain and inform. Im sure you get lots of v funny crap.

I am an intelligent guy with my own media marketing company that enjoys working all hours of the day whilst choosing my programming carefully.

I would never have figured out Westworld without the early input from your podcasts. In fact I thought the 1st 3 episodes were pretentious and up itself, slyly taking the piss out of viewers. Obviously they leak enough to encourage the theories and that can only be good for you and the multi media spectrum

. By the way have a podcast describing outlandish and clearly loserish mad theories you get sent. Im sure you have many and they are funny. I.n fact it could be a pay to listen opportunity $1 for the lot! its a million dollars. or 50 cents per episode. now its 5 mil

I am watching the season again from the beginning and it is as least if not more enjoyable being “in the know”. Im sure the producers must realise that but does it create additional revenue for them? I doubt it. A bit like the grand total of 10-20 guests in westworld park. That business cannot be making money!!!!! Thank god they dont have to pay the hosts! Now they are saying 2018 for the next season. hahaha that will change my bet is sept 2017 or they lose momentum. Another pretentious game play. I may even write and guarantee them that i am not watching out of principle if they fuck me about even if its brilliant. WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS.

I would like to explore how I can help you expose more people in UK and Europe to your product and see if we could partner to produce language versions whilst maintaining the edge and wit across a broad spectrum. Dont forget westworld is getting 3-4mil live viewers in a country of 300 mil. Soaps in uk get 8-9 mil 3/4 days a week and some idiots think the characters are real people. Lets talk.


Dane Thacker

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