Westeros Wearing Black

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Hello, guys!
I love your podcast, I always listen to it with my sister. She discovered you guys when we were watching Westworld. So, this season the costumes are on point. As a visual artist, I am fascinated by their design. Watching the last episode, I realized that there were a few characters who are now wearing black. I loved that you commented on that too during the instacast. I am completely with you about the fact that the dark costumes mirror dark times. BUT I think there is something else: Black wasn’t always the most popular color in GOT fashion, except for the Night’s Watch. Ser Jorah comes back to Khaleesi wearing black. Tyrion is now wearing black, Daenerys as well. Isn’t this a sign that everyone is “TAKING THE BLACK” in a way? I believe this is an aesthetic way of preparing us to embrace the fact that now everyone in the south has to “take the black”: that is, to fight the Army of the Dead.

I’ve noticed that Cersei is wearing a dragon-like armour-style black dress as well. Of course it is related to the death of her children, but I think it is very significant that, slowly, every main character is starting to wear black when they are about to get involved in the fight with the Army of the Dead. (Ser Jorah is going North, Tyrion suggests to get a body to show to Cercei, Daenaeys is listening to Jon and Cersei is about to receive proof). This way, the disputes between houses and families (with different colors) are less important than the fact that they need to unite to fight a common enemy.

That’s my idea. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your podcast! Keep up the great work,
Trini, from Chile.

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