Watchmen Season 2

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Hi again Shat Crew,

Thanks again for making my work day manageable with your plethora of Podcasts. But may I remind everyone HBO is not an Art Museum. They are part of a multi-global-media conglomerate. Their job is not to make the best quality television program possible, but to make money for their shareholders, yes the by-product of that is an awesome peace of entertainment, but it is still entertainment. It’s designed to be purchased and consumed, and while Watchmen did manage to squeeze out a ton of relevant real life information and valuable lessons, that has nothing to do with whether or not it will get a second season. There will be a cost-benefit analysis, and if it is estimated doing a season 2 will make the amount of money they want, they’ll do it. Period.

Sorry to tell everyone there’s no Santa Clause

Kalmon from Minnesota

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