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Hello Sharon TV,

This is Kathleen calling from Atlanta. I’m very happy that you all decided to review Watchmen. I enjoyed the series and I just wanted to call and give some of my thoughts about the show. I haven’t talked to you all since taboo, but I have listened to all of your reviews of all the shows that you’ve done since then and before then so I am a regular listener and I love your format. So basically what I want to say about watching is if it was an unexpected pleasure. I read the graphic novel probably in the mid-nineties when I found out about it, and I thought it was very interesting and I did enjoy the contacts on a lot of it. I kind of didn’t understand but it didn’t, you know confuse me. It was just different and I feel like this show was also equally as sometimes confusing and different but I think the wage. That I get from the show was a lot of the things that Lindelof and team were really trying to convey as it relates to representation a little Angela basically saying in Saigon that sister night looks like me that really went a long way with me personally because I did not expect all I knew that this was a new show that Regina King is in and I love Regina King and I tried to follow most of her TV shows and movies. So as I continued age to watch in defensive sister night, she is an amazingly complex character. I mean, she’s everything that a little girl like me in the seventies used to love watching Cleopatra Jones and Foxy Brown and coffee shows and movies. That is at really I wasn’t supposed to be wage. I would always get an opportunity to watch some kind of way. And I remember how I felt about the empowerment watching them on the screen, you know fighting making their way through their world and their story and coming out in most cases on top off so So in this case, we’re sister night. I just want to say regardless of whether we get a second season or not. I’m really happy that I was surprised by something that was dead. So amazingly strong. I mean even from the first episode future opened up with a rap song future from Atlanta. I was what’s going on. What is this all about the Tulsa Massacre? So I do agree. It could have been very confusing for a lot of people and as the story progressed people took a service position politically in terms of their bias.

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