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Hey Guys,

So, I usually write you guys with some sort of literary commentary, but this post is something different this week. My husband and I welcomed our second child on Thursday, and we had to choose something to listen to during labor that we could agree on for the duration. Music wasn’t working, so we turned to our Shat-universe and listened to the second Westworld Telegraph and caught up on Shat the movies, starting with the Showgirls episode. Needless to say, you guys helped get us through contractions to bring our Eliana Annette into the world.

I just wanted to share a pic of what may be the first official Shat baby and say thanks for being labor coaches and making us laugh/think/debate through part of the nine hours.

And the shat meter is pretty useful with a new baby. Anything above three wipes, the husband gets tagged in. So there’s that you’ve created too… distribution of labor.

-Ashley from Houston

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