Umm Actually, Jon Did Not Betray Daenerys

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Hey guys,

My wife and I love the podcast, but we have a big old umm actually for Big D.

In the most recent podcast Big D says Jon “betrayed” Dany by breaking his promise and telling his siblings about his true parentage. Big D might want to rewatch the scene between Dany and Jon again. He clearly tells her that he is going to tell Sansa and Arya. He never promises or even intimates that he will keep it a secret from the Stark sisters. Sorry Big D, but there was no betrayal here.

As an aside, that scene was really a call back to Viserys in season 1 when he is attempting to steal the dragon eggs and leave. He told Jorah he sees the way people look at Dany, just as Dany said to Jon in this scene. Viserys was desperate and isolated and began lashing out. The same thing is happening to Dany now. She entered that room with Jon to desperately attempt to seduce and manipulate him. It didn’t work.

Love the pod. Keep up the great work.

Gregg Miliote

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  1. Hollie says:

    I really thought she was trying to seduce and sway him as well!! i did not feel like she was being genuine one bit… came across as manipulation and control. I used to root for Jon and Dany…not so much any more.

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