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Hey Shat crew,

I just wanted to point out an ommission from the recent podcast for Lovecraft Country e.2 “Whitey on the Moon”. When Gene and Ashley briefly discuss their displeasure with the snake penis scene, I feel like you guys didn’t mention the Garden of Eden stained glass window in Letitias’s room. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but to me, it signifies a lot, and it literally makes the scene.

First, it supports the argument that the house really is a participant in wreaking havoc on its visitors in a Shining-esque way. Letitia is in the “get scary vision of being snake raped” room (aka room 237). Second, it sets up the premise that Tick is not really in the room with her (although we learn that for certain only moments later). Finally, and I think most importantly, it nods to the idea that Eve is not the evil temptress in the garden, she is not the downfall of mankind. Instead, it is Adam, who, according to the stained glass window, has literally merged with the serpent in Eden, and is the embodiment of evil in his rape of Eve. The window changes the narrative from Eve being Adam’s downfall via her collaboration with the serpent, to the serpent and Adam becoming one in order to make Eve subservient, as well as a victim of rape.

I think this is such a powerful insight into the Garden of Eden myth, especially since Eden is central to this episode’s theme, and since we just solidified Christina as being a “victim of Misogyny” as Ash put it, a few scenes earlier — misogyny is a huge problem in this world (not to overshadow racism being the greater problem). I don’t know if this version of the myth is canon with the Sons of Adam (or whatever they’re called), or if the house “morphing” in order to foreshadow the event…or if the show simply added it as something fun for viewers to think about. Either way, I found it so interesting and powerful because of its message.

So anyway, is this something you missed, did you catch the stained glass window? Or was this just something that just got glossed over in the pod for time? Whatever the case, I wanted to draw attention to this detail because, obviously, I liked it alot.

Also, I understand you were probably more disappointed with the graphic depiction of Tick’s literal snake penis, I think we all thought that was a little weird.

Great work, so far I love the show and I always love the podcast. I’m so glad you decided to do Lovecraft Country, I look forward to watching and listening with you all!

Beth B.
A-trash-cadero, CA

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