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Hey Big D and the crew,

Listened to your podcast today and you had me cracking up… so per your request, here’s my response.
Let’s just compromise and say it’s a call back to both? I listen to a few other podcasts, and every podcast has gone back and forth on whom the little boy reminds them of- Bran and/or Arya.

Also, a few years back I wrote you a LONG email about how everyone seems to die the way they’ve killed others… Oleena killed Joffrey with poison and was later killed by poison etc etc. You had asked if I thought Tyrion would be killed by an arrow, and I had said no. But now… maybe he will?! We shall see. ??????
Can’t wait for the next episode, y’all are honestly the best GOT podcast I listen too.

Anyways, quick few pics of Bran

Thanks guys!!
Cassie Rae ??

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