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Congratulations on the Westies, Shat people! That was a very fun podcast. I think Dick Ebert missed his calling as a rap star.

I overlooked this when I was reading the nominations for voting, but then hearing you say it during the podcast, Delores’ stunning black-to-gold entrance to the party was in London, not Neo-LA. I know it’s a nit, but just thought I’d point it out. Very small in the scheme of things — you really outdid yourselves this year.

Thanks for giving us a great nine weeks-plus of Westworld analysis and discussion. Y’all (I’m not Southern, but I’m learning not to say “you guys” all the time) are a must-listen for my TV and my movie entertainment. I only hope you can find more television during this pandemic to be able to talk about.

Thanks again,

Mary O

Mary O’Driscoll

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