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Hey guys!

After listening to the deep dive (great job, by the way) I just wanted to respectfully point something out to Big D. When Bran was chosen to become King, he pointed out that Arya was there when she shouldn”t have had a say – um, actually, she didn”t have a say and she didn”t contribute to the vote. I believe she was there with Bran and Sansa to help represent House Stark (they are a pack, after all… at least up until the end of the series) but she did not vote aye, nor did she really say anything during that scene besides giving a satisfied smile after Sansa made it clear that the North would remain independent.

As an aside, and for what it”s worth, I am not terribly disappointed in the way the series ended and my only complaints about the end of the series have to do with the fact that the writers seemed to forget how smart the fans of Game of Thrones are with as many inconsistencies we had in just one season (Bran says he”s not Bran, anymore, but by the end he”s ok with being Bran again? Bran saying he isn”t the Lord of Winterfell and how he can”t be a Lord… but he can be a King? Changing that dialogue, alone would have helped to make this make so much more sensical), and how the Double D”s claimed there wasn”t enough material to make any more than 6 episodes – clearly that wasn”t true. What bugged me the most was that we saw the dungeons beneath the red keep crumble from the entry point to where Jaime and Cersei stood… some people complained that it was too easy for Tyrion to uncover the bodies by moving only a brick or two, but how about the fact that he could access that point, at all? It ALL should have been a pile of rubble as we saw in the previous episode, not just the section where Jaime and Cersei stood. Felt a little bit like writing a paper in college and just being so done with it that you don”t even care about the small mistakes you might make in that final paragraph that you have to push yourself to write, which is a disservice to the folks who are the reason for your success, but I digress.

Thanks for everything, guys! I”ve listened to the podcast since you started with Game of Thrones and it”s been a lot of fun tuning in to hear your takes as well as the ideas of other listeners. Keep on keeping on!

-Tirzah Hochreiter

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