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Dear Shat Crew,

I wanted to start by saying that I love all (or almost, sorry Taboo) of the Shat pantheon. I have been a loyal listener almost from the beginning. I love your content.

Jean SJ warmongering, bring it.

Mispronunciations, endearing!

Culturally correct pronunciations of names et al… love it!

Big D tinfoil theories… love them!

Ashley’s new point of view to the crew, really brightens my ears.

I was going to let this go until you started the Westies with this glaring ear grinder.

During the coverage of this season of Westworld, there has been one thing that has broken my listening experience as much as a record scratch or nails on a chalkboard: Delorii.

I know we all had a high school biology teacher that tried to teach us that octopii is the plural of octopus because aside from biology they also studied Latin.

Here is the news flash. The plural of octopus is actually octopuses. Octopus is a word that was borrowed from latin from greek. That I ending is actually BS. Also this is not something we do in any other singular nouns in English that end in S.

If your vision is bad you do not go get a pair contact lensii… you get contact lenses

If you see a bunch of people protesting quarantine without masks you don’t call them assii… you call them asses

If your kids have been unattended for too long you don’t say that they made messii… they made messes

You see a bunch of vehicles on the street that carry a whole bunch of people are not busii… they are busses

Also on your eyes, you do not wear glassii, but glasses

A porno with a bunch of dudes does not have penii, it has penises

The CDC is not concerned with virii, but viruses

Point made I hope.


Sincerely yours,


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