Tyrion Hulks out

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Here is my idea for a re-write which would have satisfied both the viewers and the producers who want to propagate the franchise.

Leave everything the same up to the point Tyrion is waking up in his new cell after being arrested by Daenerys. I could have sworn that while Tyrion waking his eyes glinted just a little bit blue. If not, that can be CGI’d in. We’ll come back to this.

Meanwhile, Daenery’s assembles the Unsullied, the Dothraki, Grey Worm, and Drogon and starts on the march towards Winterfell – according to them Sansa has got to go as does Winterfell and everything else in between.

Tyrion joins Jon, Arya and Davos, and they jet pack up to Winterfell. A crow is sent to Castle Black, and Tormund and his crew also jet pack to Winterfell. This could be explained by Daenerys, et al., taking the time to spoil and plunder as they make their way north.

At Winterfell, there is a gigantic battle. Grey Worm kills Brienne, an Unsullied team takes out Arya, a horde of Dothraki descend on Tormund, Davos, Gendry, and Bronn, and there are dead bodies everywhere.

Jon and Daenrys then do battle for the control of Drogon who is conflicted because Daenrys is his mother, but she’s evil and Jon is good. This takes place around the Weirwood Tree where the Night King fell. His icy yet shattered remains contain the slightest clue that this is where he was dispatched by Arya.

During the chaos, Drogon whips its tail through the ice-shared remains of the Night King, and these shards hit Tyrion full-on causing numerous punctures. As Tryion starts to succumb to his injuries, his eyes roll into the back of his head and they turn an intense and glowing shade of Tidy Bowl Blue.

Everything stops.

Tyrion then grows, ala The Hulk, and becomes the new and improved Night King, but bigger than the size of Wun Wun.

Tyrion raises has hands just so, and the dead Arya, Brienne, Davos, Gendry, Bronn, and Grey Worm morph into White Walkers, and they quickly and deliberately go to his side. They then slowly advance towards Daenrys, Jon, and Drogon. Sansa can be seen on a wall in the distance looking like a true damsel in distress.

The screen goes black.


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